Business Summary
Dr Hansen has extensive experience in the latest, minimally-invasive techniques for the treatment of Varicose Veins and Arterial Disease.
About Us

Dr Peter Hansen was born in Gladstone, but has lived in Brisbane since age five. His tertiary education began with a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland. He subsequently went on to complete his Medical Degree also at UQ, before undertaking his internship at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Dr Hansen's Surgical Training was undertaken throughout Queensland in addition to the United Kingdom, working in both Worcester and Coventry.

What We Do

There are 3 main types of abnormal veins - Varicose veins, Reticular veins and Spider veins. The treatment options depend on which types of veins are causing trouble, and only a Specialist Vascular Surgeon can offer you all of the treatment options, so that you can decide the best choice for your circumstances.

The major treatment options range from injection treatment performed in the office with no "downtime" through to minimally-invasive treatment options (Radiofrequency Ablation) that is performed as Day Surgery. It is now rare to require traditional surgical treatment that would require an overnight stay in hospital.

What exactly is Vascular Surgery?
Vascular Surgery is a highly specialised field of medicine/surgery that deals with diseases of blood vessels - arteries and veins - of the entire body, except those of the heart (the heart or coronary blood vessels are treated by Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons).
Do I need a referral?
Yes. Dr Hansen is a Specialist Vascular Surgeon and to access Medicare and/or Private Health Insurance rebates, a valid referral is required from your GP or referring Specialist.
What does an initial consultation involve?
Dr Hansen will provide you with personalised and experienced care for your vascular condition. An initial consultation will ensure that you have the opportunity to explain your problem completely. Dr Hansen will listen to you and fully explain the cause of your problem and the possible consequences.