Business Summary
HammaJack, is a Data and Content company based in Melbourne. We specialise in digital/social analytics and content solutions.
About Us

Digital Foundations

Digital Foundations is HammaJack’s starting product.

We do Digital Foundations first because we need to be able to measure performance against your own goals. Because of that there’s a few things that we need to put in place to successfully be able to report and recommend digital solutions. It’s only required once at the start, but once set up, it allows us to measure spend against business value. This calculation sits at the heart of everything that we do.

Remember you can’t improve what you can’t measure

Managing your Digital ROI

Want someone to handle your Digital Marketing & Reporting?

Focusing on ROI, HammaJack can manage your paid efforts on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Ad Network and give you insights and recommendations on your Digital Channels.

We'll also review performance across your Social, Organic and Paid Search, Email and Offline efforts and provide recommendations

Trouble Shooting

Need something done? Purchase some agency time and let our team of Developers, CRM experts, analysts, strategists, content writers and designers help out.

With over 40 years combined experience there’s not much we haven’t seen and done.