Hair Beauty Co-op Ltd

We're here for you
Also known as
  • Hairdressers Co-operative Society Ltd


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Business Summary
Hair Beauty Co-op supply the very latest in products and brands, and offer informative education and training to the hair and beauty industry.
About Us

The Cooperative was formed in 1944 by a group of like minded professional hairdressers, to deliver a range of products and services to benefit its members. Whilst a lot has changed in that time, our core reason for existence, our manifesto, hasn’t changed and never will.

We exist for you who spend 100% of your working day standing up, for those that start early and finish late, for those of you that have to be a life coach, social worker and sometimes even a shoulder to cry on. We are for those of you who are devoted to helping people look and feel their best.

We exist for you who are passionate, creative and artistic,we exist for you the hairdresser, beautician and the make-up artist. We are fanatical about helping you become the best you can be, bringing you the most innovative solutions, tools, products and education to help you get to the top of your game and to stay there. 

We’re here to make you profit because we are owned by you. The profits we make line your pockets not an owners, it is invested right back into you, our members.

We are the Hair Beauty Co-op, We’re here for you.