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Buying property is for most of us the most significant financial commitment and decision we make in our lives. Property transactions are sometimes complex and specialized.

We suggest that intending buyers or sellers of land should always engage the services of a registered conveyancer to deal with any transaction in land.

The fee charged by the professionals in the Australian Institute of Conveyancers is small in comparison to the value of the land sale or purchase.

The registered conveyancer will ensure professional handling of the transaction eliminating the potential for further costs, delays or legal problems which may result from completing your own land dealings.

Buying Property

When you are buying, we can assist you in a number of ways. We can:

  • Prepare the contract (if the transaction is negotiated privately).
  • Liaise with your lending institution where required.
  • Attend to all the searches required.
  • Ensure that the title to the property is unencumbered and deal with any matters that are outstanding.
  • Adjust what needs to be paid.
  • Attend settlement
Selling Property

When you are selling, we can also assist you in a number of ways. We can:

  • Prepare the contract (if the transaction is negotiated privately)
  • Discharge your mortgage
  • Attend to all the searches required
  • Adjust the rates and taxes to be paid up to the date of settlement
  • Attend settlement, and distribute the proceeds of the sale in accordance with your instructions.

What We Do
Other Services
  • House & Land Transfers
  • Property Settlements throughout SA
  • Private Contracts
  • Rural/Farm Contracts
  • Independent Property Advice
  • Family Transfers
  • Business Contracts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Divisions
  • Encroachments
  • Leases
  • Pre cooling off Contract Inspections