About Us
St Ives Gold Mine

The St Ives operation is located around 80 kilometres south of Kalgoorlie and 630 kilometres east of Perth. Our Agnew mine sits within the same prospective geological region as St Ives and is located 375 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie and nearly 1,000 kilometres north-east of Perth.

The Lawlers mine is situated on the border of the Agnew site and given their close proximity, the two operations were integrated into a single asset immediately following the acquisition of the Yilgarn South assets in October 2013.

Agnew Gold Mine

Situated in the Eastern Goldfields region, our Agnew mine site is 23 kilometres west of Leinster, 375 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie and nearly 1,000 kilometres north-east of Perth. Acquired in 2001 Agnew Gold Mine produces over 250,000 ounces of gold per annum. Gold is sourced from underground operations and processed via a CIP plant.

The majority of our nearly 500 strong Agnew workforce live permanently in Perth and fly into Leinster when rostered to do so.

Darlot Gold Mine
Mining Operations

Mining at Darlot is conducted by underground methods with ore transported to the treatment plant by haul trucks operating through two declines. Access to the 800m deep underground mine is via two portals in the historically worked open pit. Conventional longhole open stoping is conducted in the massive central areas of the Centenary ore body.

Narrow longhole stoping methods are applied to the Walters and Thomson lodes and room and pillar type methods are applied to the flat loads of Darlot. Paste filling is available and used where required.

Granny Smith Gold Mine
Camp Life

Fully contained ensuite rooms and well-equipped recreational facilities available to all residents are located on site. This includes a swimming pool, fully equipped gym, two squash courts, two multi-use sports courts (tennis, basketball, indoor soccer/cricket), and pool and table tennis tables.

There is also a Wet Mess located adjacent to the dining facilities in the camp, with an ATM and communal television room available for all residents.

Perth Office

Our Australasian Head Office is located in Colin Street, West Perth. The team here is made up of around 100 professionals covering HR, Finance, Sustainable Development, IT, Commercial and Operations.