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Beach time is key in any Gold Coast holiday

Best Beaches

With so many beaches to choose from, a little planning will help you land up on the best beaches for swimming, surfing, families, no waves and privacy.

Most Popular Beaches

We really shouldn't play favourites, but hoards of locals and holidaymakers can't be wrong when it comes to sussing out the city's most popular beaches.

Beach information

Get the best out of your day by checking the daily beach and surf report, scanning the surf cams and learning what the flags mean plus how to read waves and rips.

Hinterland Walks
  • Within 30 minutes beyond the bustling coastal strip lies the Gold Coast Hinterland where the city gives way to farmland, vineyards, quaint villages, sprawling National Parks and rainforest reserves.

An organised tour or guided activity is a hassle-free way to explore the Gold Coast Hinterland with the help of those who know it best, really making it an experience to remember.

Whale Watching

Each year thousands of humpback whales pass the Gold Coast between June and the end of October.

These magnificent giants of the deep frolic and play in the open waters off the Gold Coast for all to see, making it one of the premier whale watching locations in Australia. The rare white whale 'Migaloo' has even been spotted off the Coast in the past.

It usually takes three to four days to travel from Port Stephens in NSW to the Gold Coast, Queensland, with whales arriving on the Coast six weeks ahead of the Hervey Bay season.

The Gold Coast has a longer whale-watching season than Hervey Bay and, because of our geographical location, the Gold Coast has whales passing through all season.

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