Business Summary
Unlike the unrealistic tattooing of the past, a feather touch eyebrow tattoo looks completely natural because it follows the same direction of the real brow hair and is applied to match your natural growth direction/s. Depending on your needs, brows can be kissed with colour or completely re-designed as each new strand is etched and coloured by hand. Is it painful? To help with pain management a topical aesthetic ointment is used. Clients may experience some discomfort. However, this varies according to each client's pain threshold. Is it safe? With proper sterilization and sanitary guidelines met through OSHA in Blood Borne Pathogen standards there should be no need for concern. Are there any side effects? Generally, there is some redness, swelling and tenderness of the treated area. An allergy patch test can be done, at your request, prior to the procedure to assure there will be no reactions to the pigments used. Due to individuality, there may be other unforeseen side effects.