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271 Browns Lane, Farnborough QLD 4703

About Us

Global Mining Supplies is a progressive Australian based company that has extensive experience within the underground and surface coal mining industry. The team at GMS have been supplying quality products and services into Queensland’s Bowen Basin coal fields for over twenty years. GMS is constantly expanding its range of products and services to suit our client's needs. We specialize in High Temperature Long Life Diesel Particulate Filters suitable for Underground Diesel Machinery.

What We Do

Diesel Particulate Filters

Reduce underground mining personnel exposure to diesel particulate matter working in close proximity to diesel machinery exhaust emissions.

Significantly greater operational time than the current paper and cellulose filters, giving cost effective filtration.

Reduced down time resulting from extended life of the FST filter.

The FST filter medium does not swell and choke off when exposed to water, as does the current paper and cellulose filter.