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Whether you are already a part of our community, exploring the possibility of joining our College, or browsing for interest we hope you find the information presented here useful.

Location and History

Set in the cane fields of North Queensland on the outskirts of Ingham, Gilroy Santa Maria College offers outstanding opportunities to our students within a warm and caring environment.

The College is the result of a merger of two secondary Catholic schools, Santa Maria High School a girls' school was run by the Sisters of Mercy, and Cardinal Gilroy College a boys' school operated by the Christian Brothers.

Our Mission Statement

Gilroy Santa Maria College is a Christian community in which committed staff, parents and students work in partnership. The College strives to provide a secure, supportive and optimistic environment for all.

Faith Development and the Sacramental Life of the Church provide the foundation of College life. A Catholic Christian atmosphere is fostered by embracing Gospel Values.

As a College we place value in the individual. Through our actions we will endeavour to develop respect for self, others, authority and property.

We will pursue positive learning experiences in an environment, which is both stimulating and challenging. We will encourage the individual potential of all students enabling them to become worthwhile community members.

Enrolment Information

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Available Resources

Gilroy Santa Maria College boasts a well-appointed library with extensive reference and audio visual resources. The Library provides students and staff with:

  • A quiet and comfortable area in which to read, work and learn.
  • A variety of resources to support the leisure and learning activities of the school.
  • Professional assistance in using the Library, its equipment and resources.

Students and staff have access to current information and equipment through a variety of media:

  • Print - fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, magazines.
  • Audio-visual - DVDs, videos, charts, posters, CDs, tapes.
  • Electronic - Databases, software, internet, on-line library database.
  • Equipment - computers, scanner, photocopier, CD players, cameras.
  • Textbooks - individual and class texts.

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