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Welcome to Gilbert Street Dental, and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. At Gilbert Street Dental, we understand that choosing the right dentist can be a big decision.

We hope this site allows you to gain some insight into our philosophy and services, so that you can feel confident you are putting your dental health and needs in capable and caring hands.

Gilbert Street Dental is dedicated to providing excellence in dental health service, in a relaxed and family friendly environment. We use the latest techniques, procedures and equipment to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible treatments.

Whether you are long overdue for a clean, after an expert opinion, or looking to maximise the full potential of your smile, we invite you to come and experience dental care the Gilbert Street way.

What We Do
What is a laser used for?
Lasers are you for a few things. The particular lasers we run have the ability to cut, prepare or sterilize. They can be used to cut a tooth, as a drill would when we do a filling. They can be used to prepare a tooth surface to improve how well a material can bond to a tooth. They can be used to sterilize, where they can kill 99.99% of the bacteria in a confined space (e.g. Inside a tooth)
Will the laser hurt and do I still need an injection?
There is some sensation with a laser, which will increase or decrease depending on the setting being used. It is common not to require anaesthetic (injections), although for larger fillings we generally recommend it. What you will hear is a lot of ‘clicking’ noises and a small vibration. The laser sprays water constantly on the tooth to prevent overheating.
Is tooth whitening safe?
Tooth whitening has now been in practice for many years, and there is no clinical research to suggest it is unsafe when used at the correct levels, and for the right situation. Sometimes, especially in younger patients, there is some level of increased sensitivity, which improves, and care must be taken around the gums.