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Why The Name Change?

For more than 25 years we have been committed to providing the best possible chance of success and the greatest delivery of care to couples who dream of becoming parents to a healthy baby. As we enter a new era, our commitment to our patients and our doctors will continue and on 1st September 2011, the first day of spring, Sydney IVF was reborn as Genea, World leaders in fertility.

What's the story behind this change?

We believe the time is right to change our name to better reflect who we are and the services we offer – we offer more than IVF and we make a difference to the lives of people all over the world. Our services include programs such as Fitness for Fertility, IVF, genetics, PGD, research and stem cells and we are located in more locations than Sydney. We are changing our name to more accurately reflect what we do and our leadership in our field.

Genea? What Does It Mean?

The name Genea (pronounced jen-ay-a) originates from ancient Greek, and means family. For us, it is important that our name accurately reflects our purpose and our commitment to providing our patients with the certainty that they could find no better fertility science or care anywhere in the world.

Why 'World leaders in fertility'?

We have led the way in fertility not only in Australia, but worldwide, since 1985. We virtually doubled success rates in the 1990s. We have developed technology and equipment used in more than 600 clinics worldwide. We are now the most successful Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis clinic in the world, offering testing for more than 170 chromosome and genetic conditions. 'World leaders in fertility' represents who we are.

Welcome To Genea, World Leaders In Fertility

We are excited about the opportunities this delivers for us, our patients, our doctors, our shareholders and for anyone considering fertility services.

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If you're considering a fertility clinic can there possibly be a more important question than, "Will I take home a baby?"

Genea gives you the best possible chance of having a baby - with the best care and support available.

Our team of accredited fertility specialists, nurses and counsellors provide you with the full range of infertility investigations and treatments - from diagnosis and advice through a range of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and other fertility treatments, to ongoing counselling and support.

We also offer speciality IVF services including pre-natal screening and testing of embryos for genetic disease and the thorough management of miscarriages.