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About Gateway Real Estate

At Gateway Real Estate we know what our obligations are under the law. In every case we are working in the best interests of the Vendor and we are bound to that. We cannot by law work for both Purchasers & Vendors, that is illegal, as most would appreciate there would be a direct conflict of interest.

However we understand that buyers do need help in the process of a sale, some are first home buyers and can be stressed and nervous about making the purchase. They may be investors needing information on leasing cycles or elderly persons needing to scale down.

Property Management

Initial inspection of rental property:

  • Recommendations should the property require any modifications
  • Pricing recommendation promoting maximum anticipated rental
  • Personal inspections of the property with prospective tenants

  • Written applications thoroughly checked and then communicated to Landlord Extreme care taken to obtain essential details - T.R.A checks on all applicants Any doubts regarding any aspect of the application, are put to the Landlord
  • Preparation of lease documents and strict key control

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The Selling Process

Step 1. Listing Your Property

Step 2. Advertising Your Property

Step 3. Inspections

Step 4. Signing The Contract

Step 5. Under Contract

Step 6. Unconditional

Step 7. Settlement


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When you appoint us to look after your best interests you will have made a wise choice. Our team are real estate professionals dedicated to providing you the highest level of service and exceptional results. We understand that words such as these are easy to say and write, so the best way to see what we mean is to see what we mean! Please call us.