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About Us

Fraud costs Australians at least $6 billion each year. Organised fraudsters are continually devising new ways and means to take advantage of insurers, corporations and government organisations. Everyday, public and private organisations require independent assistance to obtain information in order to make decisions and reduce risk.

G4S Compliance & Investigations is a global leader in providing compliance and investigation related services.

With hands on expertise in the world of investigations and corporate compliance needs, G4S is the preferred investigations partner and advisor for organisations around the globe.

About Us

G4S Compliance & Investigations Australia (G4S) was founded in 1988 upon the vision of being the leading provider of investigations for corporations, government agencies, insurance entities, business organisations and law firms. Today that vision is a reality.

G4S conducts or manages investigation services on every continent. Our parent company has operations in 110 countries with more than 600,000 employees worldwide. In addition, G4S has advanced technology solutions and a broad range of corporate services.


G4S Compliance & Investigations (G4S) is a global leader in enterprise risk management. Our portfolio includes integrated solutions and technology for insurance and risk management, corporate governance, compliance and human resource issues.

G4S, we do not just conduct investigations - we serve as a trusted partner and advisor to all our clients. The way we look at it, we do not just offer services; we provide solutions.

We continue to expand our solution offerings, our geographical capabilities and innovative ideas to our clients.

Case Referral

G4S Compliance & Investigations offers the ability to send in requests for services in several ways, including online using our CaseTrak technology.

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You can also call us Toll Free on 1300 660 323 to speak with one of our trained representatives. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@cni.g4s.com.au

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G4S CaseTrak technology has revolutionised the way data is delivered directly to the customer’s desktop, giving clients:

  • 24/7 access to all case information, investigation reports and results
  • Direct access to statements, case logs, photos, video and invoices
  • Immediate improvements on file management and workflow efficiencies

  • Automatically integrated assignments into the web-based application
  • Immediate access to a fully-managed and customised-reporting system
  • Centralised storage of all investigative and financial information

Our state-of-the-art technology platform has withstood the critical evaluation of industry leaders, offering a multi-faceted approach to the whole investigation process.