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Specialist training centre offering a mix of BJJ, Taekwondo, Kickboxing Fitness & Wellness Programs.
About Us

Get Ready for an Experience that Lasts a Lifetime!

By joining our dynamic team of trainers, you will be on a journey of enjoying one of the most powerful experiences of your life. Our FusionMA trainers are handpicked by Con Lazos a 6th Dan Martial Artist ensuring you receive World Class instruction.

Con Lazos - Founder and Managing Director

Con Lazos has been training clients since 1992 and at 45 years old, he is a sign of health and vitality. With a bachelor of Physical Education Con has the knowledge and credentials to lead the personal training programs at FusionMA and has represented Australia in Taekwondo and other martial arts. Con Lazos has clients all over the world from Moto GP riders, actors and personal trainers who follow his unique approach that always seems to be ahead of the times.

Richard Norton - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Professor Richard Norton holds multiple black belts and leads the Team Norton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu worldwide through FusionMA. Richard Norton has starred in over 65 films with the likes of Jackie Chan and coordinates stunt men and actors worldwide. His latest film is the up and coming Mad Max 4: Fury Road with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Richard Norton was also one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to receive a black belt worldwide and is a true pioneer of the art.

Jake Vella

Jake Vella leads the Port Melbourne location and he is a true example of what FusionMA can do for your child. He began his training at FusionMA as a 7 year old and through the system, he has become a champion trainer, a demonstration team member and self-defence. With 18 years of training under his belt, he is well versed and his personality is infectious with the FusionMA clients.

We Cater to Your Lifestyle!

The FusionMA system offer programs that will fit your needs. If you are not able to do the timetabled sessions then we offer private or small group training at a time that suits you. We can book any of our instructors in for private instruction.

Not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, and self-defence awareness, but more importantly, you experience bonding with a great group. FusionMA is renowned for creating unity, which is vital in today’s society.

Fun! Exciting! Empowering!

Our system teaches martial arts for modern times whilst maintaining a traditional element. Each class is built around dynamic energy and an accelerated training style that is Fun, Exciting, Empowering, and Educational from as young as 4 years old to 70+ years young.

We only focus on age specific Martial Arts instruction and one on one personal training.