Business Summary
We offer full set up & clean up with our catering services.
About Us

Situated in the heart of Shepparton, Friars Café is housed within the beautiful surroundings of a century-old church. Our warm and welcoming restaurant has earned a reputation as the place to go for breakfast, lunch and everything in between in the Goulburn Valley area.

Guests can dine both inside and outside the cafe, either upstairs or under the veranda. We also boast a number of pews downstairs, where diners can enjoy watching our talented chefs prepare dishes freshly in the kitchen.

What We Do

We cater specifically for the needs of our customer and their guests. Our specialty is our offsite catering, which has been developed from a customer base requiring something different when it comes to catering for their functions.

We provide our own cooking equipment (gas operated), trestles for preparation and set up of the food service area.

If we are catering in a hall/at a house, we seek permission to use the available kitchen and cooking equipment (ovens). We will assure you if we use your kitchen we will return it to the state we found it, we clear away our own rubbish, sweep and mop the area & sanitise benches.

We can cater for any dietary requirement including, coeliac, vegetarian, vegan, dairy allergies, nut allergies, etc.

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