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About Us
About Us

We aim to provide all of our customers with the best possible customer service. You will always be greeted with a cheerful smile and a no nonsense attitude to getting the job done, at Freemans Liquid Waste.

We are committed to protecting the environment and finding ways to reduce waste. We endeavour to recycle and reuse as much liquid waste as possible.

Our state of the art, modern fleet is reliable and capable of completing any job efficiently. Our quick response team is available for those jobs that just can't wait, and will be there to save the day in no time!

Services - Domestic

When was the last time your septic tank was cleaned? Did you know you should have your septic tank cleaned every 2-3 years? If it is not cleaned properly and regularly enough, it can cause expensive problems. For expert septic tank cleaning in Geraldton, contact Freemans Liquid Waste. Ask us about treatment systems.

Services - Commercial

In addition to septic tank cleaning on large or small scales, we also deal with grease traps, holding tanks, chemical toilets and more. It is extremely important not to avoid maintenance and cleaning in these areas, or it can cause unpleasant and expensive problems. Regular, scheduled cleaning will prevent future problems.

Services - Industrial

The team at Freemans Liquid Waste can help you with all of your liquid waste removal and treatment needs. Our experts can help you reduce your impact on the environment by treating and reusing your liquid waste. Our team is always professional and understands the requirements of working on industrial sites. You can trust us.

Liquid Waste Management

If you need liquid waste management of any description, contact your local experts in Geraldton at Freemans Liquid Waste. We specialise in septic tank cleaning for homes, businesses, mobile homes and mobile toilets. We are always professional.

We are your no mess, no fuss choice for liquid waste removal and treatment. Talk to us about ways to treat your liquid waste, so it can be reused on your garden.