Leggetts Drive, Richmond Vale NSW 2323


Our Business

Forgemasters is a modern progressive forging and industrial blacksmithing company which adds value to all projects with its access to skilled specialists in open die forgings, pressings, stamping, profile cutting and steel fabrication. Forgemasters is well positioned to serve the Hunter for years to come with their specialised products and services.

Forgemasters is a privately owned & run blacksmithing/forging business operated from premises within Richmond Main Heritage Park at Kurri Kurri.

Forgemasters supplies to many locally based and statewide companies and organisations, such as HunterWater, FreightCorp, Macquarie Generation, Teterin Engineering, Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Timbertown (Hastings Shire Council) & PowerCoal to name a few.


Forgings and General Blacksmithing

Forgemasters offers a manufacturing, forging, general blacksmithing and repairing service that ranges from small hand forgings up to forgings 200mm square and up to 250kgs in weight or pinions up to 400mm dia x 200mm thick. We have a profile cutting capacity of up to 200mm thick.

We are equipped with heating equipment and forging and bending equipment to enable us to tackle a wide variety of repetition and one off jobs.

Forging and Bending Equipment

Power & Steam hammers in sizes:

  • 1cwt, 3cwt, 5cwt, 7cwt, 10cwt
  • Forging capacity up to 200mm square x 2.5metres long

Horizontal hydraulic presses

  • To 80ton, rated to bend 180dia solid to 100mm radius

Profile Cutting

Forgemasters offers a profile cutting service with a cutting capacity up to 200mm thick. We currently hold stocks of plate from 6mm thick to 150mm thick.

We are equipped with a Comweld radial arm profile cutting machine which follows a steel template, and an Iwatani photo-electronic eye, cross carriage type, multi barrel, profile cutting machine.

Machine Capacities are:

Radial Arm Machine largest cut

  • 200mm plate x 1250mm dia
  • 200mm plate x 1070mm square
  • 200mm plate straight cut 2800mm max

Iwatani Cross Carriage Machine largest cut

  • 120mm plate 1000mm dia cut
  • 120mm plate 1000mm x 1000mm square

Rail Infrastructure

Forgemasters produce a wide range of equipment and tools for rail maintenance and infrastructure.

Lifting Gear

The manufacture of heavy lifting hooks, eyes, clevis screws and chain assemblies has traditionally been a specialised field of industrial blacksmithing.

The staff at Forgemasters have 18 years experience in the manufacture of heavy lifting tackle and associated components in both high tensile and standard ranges.

Forgemasters has lifting gear forging capacity for shank, eye hooks, and C hooks up to 55ton SWL & capacity to forge shackles and links up to 100ton swl.

Out large horizontal bending press is rated to bend 150mm diametre stock to a radius of 150mm.

Proof machining, tensile testing and stamping & certification of all lifting gear manufactured by us can be arranged upon request.