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Motor Vehicle Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Superannuation & TPD Claims
About Us
Firths The Compensation Lawyers were the first law firm in Australia established for the sole purpose of representing innocent victims in claims against insurance companies. We were formed in 1993 by Stephen Firth and since then we have won more than 14,000 claims with a success rate of over 99%. In the process, we have recovered over $1 billion in compensation for innocent victims just like you.

Using a specialist law firm could make the difference between winning and losing your case. So if your claim is important you need to see a compensation specialist, you need to see Firths The Compensation Lawyers. Our lawyers are Accredited Specialists in the field.

What Difference Can Firths Make?

Over the years, we have had many people contact us after they have lost their case in court with other solicitors. Unfortunately, by then it is often too late for us to do anything about it. Don't let this happen to you. Get your case off on the right foot. Use us.

Because we specialise, we win more often, even in difficult cases that other firms won't take on. In fact, our success rate is 99%.

Let's face it; if we don't win, we don't get paid. Simple as that. That is because at Firths if we don't win you don't pay us anything. Consequently, if we take your case on we want to win every bit as much as you do. And because we specialise we do win more often.

Further in most cases we don't make any charge until the end and then only if successful and then only from the result.

Client Services
  • Workplace Rights
  • Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Civil Liability Act
  • Superannuation & TPD Claims
  • Income Protection
  • Professional Negligence
Law Loans

At Firths, we realise the stress that being off work can place on you and your family not only physically but emotionally and financially as well. That's why at Firths we don't ask for any money up front at any stage.

But we also understand that from time to time you may need some extra financial help to tide you over until the case is finished.

We find this often happens in cases where the amount you are receiving from the insurer is not enough to cover all your expenses.

It can also be a problem after your case settles whilst you are waiting for the money to come through. Very often, your Centrelink benefits or your other payments are cut off immediately and suddenly you have nothing to live on.

What happens if I lose?
Well you don't have to pay us anything and, as long as you haven't commenced court proceedings, you don't have to pay the other side anything either.
But who pays the expenses?
We do, you don't have to pay any money out of your own pocket at any stage for anything.
But what if I lose, do I have to pay the out of pocket expenses back to you?
Then they will be reduced - simple as that. Our whole mission is to make you financially better off not worse off.
What happens if your costs are more than my settlement?
Then they will be reduced - simple as that. Our whole mission is to make you financially better off not worse off.
When do you get paid?
Not until the end and then only if we have been successful and then only from the result.
Do you charge a percentage?
No, we don't because it is against the law in NSW for a solicitor to do that.
At A Glance
No Win No Fee Guarantee
No Money Upfront
Over 99% Success Rate
Maximum Compensation