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About Us

Family Life's services offer a whole-of-family approach: To promote effective and sustainable change the whole family is considered and where appropriate, included in the process

Family Life offers counselling, mediation, mental health services, support and community educational services, outreach to homes, case coordination and advocacy.

About Us

Family Life:

  • has been providing family support services since 1970
  • is community owned and managed
  • has 90 staff and 350 volunteers
  • works within the community providing prevention, early intervention and treatment services
  • provides services for the most vulnerable, those at-risk and all families experiencing difficult life transitions

  • develops innovative solutions to complex social issues
  • shares its innovations and knowledge to support national replication of programs and government policy development

Community Programs We Facilitate

Some of the community programs we facilitate include:


Through financial and in-kind donations, mentoring and advice together, with pro bono work and sponsorship of events, business continues to play a crucial role in assisting Family Life to deliver a broad range of services to the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sue Whyte Director of Intimo

Workplace Training - Empowering FDR

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Family Violence Costs

Community Services

Family Life provides counselling, mediation, mental health services, community development, personal support and community educational services, outreach to homes, case coordination, innovative community businesses and advocacy.

Help for Children

Help for Families

Help for Grandparents

Help for Men

Help for Women

Help for Young People

Help for Schools

Our services take a whole of family approach. This means, when a person comes to us for help, we offer to work with their whole family. In this way, changes and improvements can be more effective and lasting. While our services are available to everyone, our priority is to assist people who are 'at risk' or vulnerable.