Business Summary
Specialising in Life & Income Insurance
About Us
Which insurance companies do you use?
AIA AMP Asteron/Suncorp AXA/AC&L CommInsure Macquarie Life MLC/Aviva OnePath (renamed from ING) Tower Zurich
What is your authorisation to advise on insurance products and structures?
We are qualified financial planners who specialise in life insurance. This means we are able to help you with the levels of cover you need whilst establishing the most optimum way to set your cover up.
What will this cost me?
EZI Protect does not charge a fee, we are paid by the recommended insurance company/s. This allows us to provide the service we do without additional charges to our clients
Am I locked into a contract?
No, you can cancel your cover anytime or amend the cover whenever your needs change. (Remember that underwriting criteria apply if benefits are added at a time of amendment.)
Why can't I search the internet and easily gain a quote?
Unfortunately life, disability and income insurance are not as easy to quote as say a house or car
I hear a lot about no medicals, will I need a medical and what does this mean?
Generally most people won't require a medical, however some will! In most cases if the insurance company asks for a medical, they will pay the cost of the procedure. The types of situations that can trigger a medical include things like; uncontrolled blood pressure or cholesterol, age, height and weight or the amount of cover you have requested ( the examples are given as a guide only).
I don't want a cheap and nasty insurance! Is more expensive better and why the difference in premiums between companies?
Insurance companies are businesses like any other, they have income and outgoings. Income is in the form of premiums, outgoings other than the cost of running the business is in the form of claims. Often companies will select certain types of clients as more favourable than others, Ie company A may feel the building trades are the type of business they want whilst company B may want the medical industry.
What happens if i need to claim?
Fortunately most people will never need to claim, a little like car insurance, most of us have it but we don't drive around looking to have an accident. However, if we do need to claim what happens. Firstly the client usually notifies either EZI Protect or the insurer of an event they feel may be a claim or lead to a claim.
How do I pay for my insurance?
Generally companies will take credit card, direct debit or cheque. Most companies offer different payment cycles i.e. monthly, half yearly or yearly. Some companies offer quarterly payments or BPay but not all do. You can choose what is convenient for your situation.