27-29 Mandarin Road, Maddington WA 6109

About Us

EPE incorporating both Excess Power Equipment and Electro Power Equipment provide specialist high voltage electrical equipment encompassing the supply, manufacture and construction of products and services throughout Australia & overseas.

Our extensive range includes; transformers both for sale & hire, kiosks including cyclone rated, mining substations, skids, switchgear, portable switchrooms and re-refined oils.

Our products can be customised and adapted to your requirements with fast turnaround and delivery times.

As each client has different needs we suggest direct communication is far more effective and efficient. We look forward to being able to assist with any enquiry or question you may have.

About EPE

Excess Power Equipment and Electro Power Equipment are wholly owned by Australians with over 50 years of experience.

Excess Power's factory and warehouse in Western Australia comprises over 1900 sq mtrs and 500 sq mtrs of office space on 9000 sq mtrs of land, located at 27-29 Mandarin Road, Maddington, Western Australia.

Electro Power Equipment on the East Coast of Australia, located 80 klm south of Sydney, has 3600 sq mtrs of land comprising 250 sq mtrs of office space and 1700 sq mtrs of workshop area. The Workshop facilities include Oil Laboratory, Main Heavy Workshop with overhead Electric Cranes, Staff Amenities and Offices.

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Major Clients

Excess Power Equipment deals with various clients daily, each receiving the highest amount of care and attention EPE can supply. Below is just a small list of satisfied clients we have done business with.

  • APac Energy
  • BHP Group of Companies
  • Pangea Minerals Ltd
  • First Quantam Minerals Ltd
  • Contract Power Management
  • RCR Positron Pty Ltd

A reference list for new equipment (Client Reference List) is available as a PDF file from our downloads page.

Transformers Hire

EPE recognises that not all expenditures in the mining industry are capital expenditure. Hire equipment is an acceptable alternative being fully tax deductible and with no disposal issues at completion.

Hire for site establishment/construction power with transformers and skid mounted substations available either for 1000 volt pumping, fan and jumbo supplies in the 100-1000KVA range.

Generator transformers of over 13MVA in 415-11,000 step-up or step-down, range 6MVA 415V-33000 volt. Over 6MVA in the 415-3300 volt and over 3MVA in the 415-6600 volt with site reticulation power in 11, 22kV & 415V.

Rentals are a fixed cost for short term hire and negotiable for longer term.

Transformer Maintenance

EPE, using our workshop facilities can perform maintenance and repairs for clients as required or on a programmed schedule.

Our facilities include:

  • Engineering & Welding
  • Modifications
  • Oil testing
  • Oil regeneration
  • Oil filtration and degassing
  • Transformer and switching repair and overhaul
  • High Voltage testing
  • Spray painting
  • Large baking ovens for core drying
  • Experienced trade personnel

With the option of a hire replacement unit down time may be eliminated.