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Modern scientific research of the brain in epilepsy tells us that seizures are simply the symptoms of an abnormality of the electrical connections in the brain.
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Epilepsy is a tendency to have recurring seizures. There are many different types of seizures but they are always due to abnormal electrical activity somewhere in the brain. Many people will have one seizure at some stage in their lives, but this is not necessarily epilepsy because there is a low risk of recurrence. Many children with epilepsy will eventually ‘grow out of it’ by the time they reach adulthood. For some people, the tendency to recurrent seizures may be a lifelong predisposition.


Increasing awareness of epilepsy in the community and supporting people with epilepsy are the key goals for Epilepsy Queensland. We strive to provide support, counselling, information, education, training and advocacy services to people with epilepsy and their families, schools, health professional as and disability services.

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