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Dundaloo Support Services is a disability service based in Taree, in the Manning Valley, Mid North Coast New South Wales. DSS supports individuals and their families in the Manning Valley and the Forster, Great Lakes and Gloucester towns and surrounds.

Our principal work is aimed at supporting adults with a disability to achieve their expressed wants and desires. This is realised by Dundaloo taking a person-centred approach that is based on a community development model of service delivery rather than a welfare model. This means that service users, their significant others and family members are recognised as the ‘experts’ in their area and integral to the consultation process. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in the decision making, planning and implementation of programs that will directly influence their lives.

Dundaloo Support Services employs around 70 staff including support workers, a senior practitioner, administration and finance staff. Support workers provide accommodation and whole of life support to individuals in 24-hour support settings and drop-in support in community homes across the geographical region.


Dundaloo Support Services (DSS) provides a range of responsive, person-centred disability services in the Taree/Manning, Forster/Great Lakes and Gloucester areas of the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

We aim to support adults living with disability to live a life meaningful to them, and work closely with each individual, their family and their friends to identify and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Dundaloo aims to enable individuals to live in the community of their choice, whether that means helping them remain in their family home, accessing community housing or residing at one of our accommodation facilities.