About Us

A thriving regional city, Dubbo services a huge geographical area - one-third of NSW. Modern-day Dubbo is ideally located at the intersection of major routes for road, rail and air transport. Continual growth has seen the City's population exceed 41,000, with a catchment population in excess of 120,000. Traditional owners: Tubbagah People of the Wiradjuri Nation.

To find out more about living, exploring, growing and playing in Dubbo, visit dubbo.com.au

Your Council

Dubbo City Council is one of 152 local councils in NSW, providing vital services and facilities to the local community.

Councils operate within the legislative framework laid down by the State Government. Their powers and responsibilities derive mainly from the Local Government Act 1993 however there are many other Acts and regulations that affect the way in which councils operate.

Dubbo City Council works for its community in a range of ways including:

  • PROVIDING a wide range of services and facilities, and giving support to many others
  • PROTECTING the community, making sure their environment is safe and clean
  • PREVENTING things that would harm the community
  • PLANNING for the future of the community
  • REPRESENTING the needs and desires of local communities
Community Services

Access to community, cultural and recreation services and facilities have a direct effect on the quality of life afforded to residents and visitors of Dubbo, while the level and nature of these services and facilities are determined by community values, history and culture.

The Community Services Division plays an important role in Council’s ongoing efforts to meet these objectives.

Dubbo City Council is committed to ensuring that Dubbo remains an attractive and healthy place to live, as well as fostering and marketing a wide range of services and facilities to meet the social, recreation, educational, cultural, entertainment and child care needs of the residents of and visitors to the City.

Council Services

Dubbo City Council provides a wide range of frontline services to residents and the community.

From building and maintaining local roads and bridges, to waste management, water supply and environmental management - Council's contribution to the local community is significant.

Dubbo City Council plays a major role in helping protect the environment by providing environmental programs and using its regulatory powers to prevent pollution, or restore degraded environments.

Providing an appropriate and affordable level of infrastructure is another important contribution Council makes to the community.

Building & Development

Council's Building and Development Services Branch guides land use activities within the Dubbo Local Government Area through building and development regulation.

This includes the assessment and determination of:

  • Development Applications
  • Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Building Certificates
  • Subdivision Certificates.

Professional Building and Planning staff are available for enquiries at Council’s Customer Service Centre from 1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Council also offers a free pre-lodgement advice service for proponents of development within the Local Government Area.