Business Summary
Our vision is “To assist people in creating wealth and financial independence by investing in positive cash-flow dual income properties”.
About Us

With over 70 years’ management experience, Dual Income Properties is a business operated by property investors, for property investors.

As active, successful property investors we practice what we preach. We assist by showing you exactly what you need to do, step by step, on how to acquire dual income properties, through to ultimately replicating the first successful experience and helping you achieve a second, third and even more cash-flow positive properties.

We undertake an extraordinary amount of research and by using our experience and industry contacts thoroughly investigate hundreds of pieces of economic data every year coming from reputable property analysts plus Government and business sources. We combine this with our experiences in the property industry and background in business, finance and accounting to put together positive cash-flow dual income properties in growth locations throughout Australia.

What We Do

Dual Income Properties is a full-service company that does more that find you a house and land. We assist you further with buying a Dual Income Property in also sourcing reputable legal and financial professionals, ensuring the property is completed on time and to a high standard, plus finding a reliable tenant by using one of our panel of property management companies.

We also offer our unique Platinum Package worth over $2,500 for all DIP investors.

At A Glance
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