Business Summary
We specialise in producing 3D CAD models and engineering drawings. This could range from small to reasonably large assemblies as well as single part models and detailed drawings. We will cater to whatever your requirements may be.
About Us

We offer 3D CAD modelling and engineering drawing services. We work with our customers to produce the best quality drawings and CAD models so they can then have the component/structure fabricated. This could range from needing drawings for small fabrication work, to drawings for larger structures such as industrial platforms, raised walkways, ladders, stairs, pipe systems, and more.

We are based in Brisbane, however we will work with anyone, anywhere in Australia.

We can offer very fast turnarounds for smaller jobs (e.g. small prototype models, small weldments and assemblies, or single components). Turnaround times can be as little as 24 hours, depending on what your requirements may be. However, most of the jobs we do take 2 - 4 days to complete.

What We Do

Cad Modelling

We can produce 3D CAD models and export them to a range of files depending on your requirements. We will then turn these models into engineering drawings.

Pricing can start from as little as $80 for a simple model and drawing with it.

Engineering Drawings

We can turn the 3D CAD model into the appropriate engineering drawings if needed. Drawings may include assembly drawings, weldment drawings and single component drawings.

You will then be able to use these drawings to have the item/s fabricated, machined, cut, etc. We can recommend local companies within South East Queensland if you are unsure of where to have the item/s made.

However, we understand the majority of our clients already have these services available within their business.