About Us

Dr Maxwell is about 60 years old and has had more than 35 years of continuous experience in all facets of dentistry. He is in fact the longest serving dentist in the upper mountains. He was brought to the mountains at the age of less than 2 years and grew up in Lawson. He was educated at Blue Mountains Grammar School from Kindergarten until year 6 and then at Kings School Parramatta as a boarder until year 12 (which he disliked and does not recommend). Following that he attended Sydney University and had the pleasure and privilege to attend St Paul's College for 4 years when he moved out and co habited with his first wife. He graduated at the beginning of 1976 when he was already a father and has worked as a dentist ever since. He was a general practitioner when there were very few specialists to refer to and therefore had to develop a great deal of competence in most areas of dentistry.

His passions at that time were aviation in which role he had gained his Pilot's Licence at the age of 17 and Pistol shooting. In this regard he achieved both a night flying rating as well as a multi engine rating, he was also vice president of the local pistol club during its most difficult time. He had 3 children by his first marriage who were very close to him. After taking his children skiing in in 1985, he returned to discover that his wife had decided to leave and take up residence with another man, in spite of the fact that their 7-year-old daughter had a broken leg. Approximately one year later he received a telephone call from his former wife and her partner telling him that they were moving overseas and that he would never see the kids again. Thus ensued a 2 1/2-year court battle which finally resulted in the children being stolen (from Dr Maxwell's point of view). But not before Dr Maxwell had analysed the Court records and laid a formal complaint of corruption to the Federal Attorney General via the then member for Macquarie, Mr Alasdair Webster MP concerning a senior judge and other officers of the Family Court of Australia. To this day, Dr Maxwell is an active campaigner in Family Law issues and is extremely passionate about the injustices that father's receive in the Family Law arena.

Since then the reform of the Family Court and the wider legal system has been a passion of Dr Maxwell, in which capacity he was President of the Family Law Reform Association of NSW for 5 years, until he felt that they had lost their way. He hates the Family Court and he especially despises most of those individuals who sail in her. He spent a large part of his time in the year 2000 in the Supreme Court of NSW trying to hold some of the relevant people who were involved in the destruction of his relationship with his children accountable. He believes that he will truly see this accountability come to pass in the fullness of time, and is very happy to give of his experience to other people who are in similar distress. He has not had any meaningful contact with his lost children since that fateful day in May 1986, although the youngest (Nikki) has turned 25 years of age. He has in fact edited and co-authored a book on the subject of Family Law Reform which is yet to be published.

Meanwhile he has been gifted with a wonderful second wife called Rosemary who is a local pharmacist, and two beautiful daughters who are now 14 and 12 as of 2005. His second marriage is a dream come true. An oasis of peace and sanctuary. His second family attend Blue Mountains Grammar School, where they are very happy.

So far as his dentistry is concerned, he is a master of the art. He will give very straight and no nonsense advise. If you don't want to hear some awful truth, then don't ask Dr Maxwell what he thinks.