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In business, the better you can manage the relationships you have with your customers the more successful you will become. If there is a disconnect in the way your business sells, markets & services your customers, you often waste a lot of time, effort and money through inefficiencies, frustration, lost customers and lost revenue which can lead ultimately to business failure. Because Customers Really Matter, every small business needs CRM Software ie Customer Relationship Management Software, which is designed to gather all aspects of your customer information seemlessly in one place CRM software is critical to business succes. EngageBay CRM s one of the most affordable, feature-rich CRM's available today, that is ideal for small business and easy to use. If you'd like to stop letting those sales leads "slip through the cracks" because of the chaos, confusion and inefficiencies in your business and give you sales a turbo-boost, then EngageBay will help you make way more money!
About Us

Providing Marketing Help & Support…

My name is Leonie Hunt, the founder and heart of Diva Marketing Solutions.

I’ve been thinking about small business owners in Australia and some of the challenges we all face when getting leads and sales and appointments online.

As you can see by my photo (yes that one on the right hand side) – I’ve been doing this marketing thing for a while. The technology has changed over the years but the frustrations haven’t.

What I see is that people either spend a little on their website as an afterthought…

What We Do

My approach to Marketing is really quite simple …

  • Review your current marketing approach
  • Get clear about your aims and objectives
  • Get your plan in place to deliver
  • Action your plan
  • Measure your results
  • Fine Tune to deliver better results
  • And if you still aren’t getting the results you want – start at step 1 again!
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