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About Us
About DSA

Disability Services Australia (DSA) is a respected not-for-profit organisation that provides essential community support, employment and training services to enhance the lives of more than 2,000 people with a disability each year.

DSA is an integral part of more than 50 communities across New South Wales and employs more than 1100 people.

From our early beginnings back in 1956 we have grown to become an innovative organisation, developing and evolving personalised services that drive true inclusion. We are a professional and flexible organisation, fit for the exciting future we face as the Australian disability sector undergoes profound and fundamental change.

Be Informed

The disability sector is undergoing a period of profound and fundamental change. The future holds unprecedented opportunities for people with a disability and their families to have more choice, voice and control in relation to their own lives.

Knowing about government policy, keeping track of changes that could impact you and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities can be time consuming and difficult. Staff at DSA are here to assist you to maximise your choice and control.


Some time ago DSA took the landmark step to make the personal goals and aspirations of people with a disability and their families our main priority in the way we design and plan for service delivery. This is a completely different approach to the historic "one size fits all" system.

We are calling this our personalisation journey, involving the whole organisation and inviting families, community and staff to work collaboratively and in partnership with us. We look forward to this opportunity.

Understanding Disabilities

Disability is a normal part of the human experience. The World Health Organisation (WHO) World report on disability (2011) says that almost everyone will be temporarily or permanently impaired at some point in life, and those who survive to old age will experience increasing difficulties in functioning.

Most extended families have a disabled member, and many non-disabled people take responsibility for supporting and caring for their relatives and friends with disabilities. In Australia, some form of disability affects about one in five people.

You Can Help

There are so many ways that You Can Help a person with a disability.

We have lots of ways you can make a difference. You can hold an event, volunteer, donate, give a monthly donation, leave a bequest or make a donation through your business.

By supporting Disability Services Australia, you have the ability to ensure that people with a disability have every possible opportunity to reach their personal goals and enjoy choice, inclusion and achievement at home, work and within the community.

What We Do

At DSA, our mission is to enhance the lives of people with a disability by enabling opportunities for choice, inclusion and achievement at home, in the community, through education and training, and in employment.

At DSA, we are focused on you - our customer, and we work hard to achieve the outcomes you want in your life.

Our services include:
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