Business Summary
The Co-op is controlled by the Australian farming families who supply the milk.
About Us

What is The Aussie Farmer Co-Op?

The Devondale Murray Goulburn Co-op consists of over 2500 dairy farmers across South-Eastern Australia that run highly professional, small-to-medium sized dairies that utilise modern technologies, employ thousands of Australians and care for their animals and the environment.

Why a Co-op?

Before the Co-op was formed, dairy farmers used to send their milk off to private dairy companies, where someone else would decide what to do with it and take the profits.

A few dairy farmers didn’t think this was particularly fair so in 1950 they got together and formed a co-op.

The Farmer is the boss

The Co-op is 100 per cent farmer controlled.

So the person who sits on the tractor can also sit on the board.

What We Do

Devondale Products

As the largest community of farming families in Australia, we’re proud to produce a range of quality dairy products. Whether you’re after milk, cheese, cream, or butter and spreads, here at Devondale we continue to create great tasting, high quality dairy products for your family. We love our dairy, and we know you will too. Click on a product below for more information.

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Butter and Butter Blends
  • Breakfast Drinks
  • Chilled Milk
  • Milkshakes