Business Summary
Commercial Cleaning Services Established in 1987
About Us

Demos Property Services was founded in 1987 & has over the past 22yrs grown to become one of Melbourne's largest contract cleaning companies with the capacity to fulfil "heavyweight" commercial cleaning contracts, yet compact enough to care about each & every contract providing Director & Senior Executive input where necessary. DPS' success is no accident; it is the direct result of experience & the highest standard of service, delivered at competitive prices. Growth has been achieved through hands-on experience of what it takes to do the job right, within budget & on time. Clients' needs are not only met but we also offer 24hr client contact to cater for any emergencies that may arise.

Our clients include:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Bank & Finance Corporations
  • Law Institutions

Performance Management

DPS not only uses our Clients requirements & specifications for employees to work against but have set our own benchmarks for employees. We use these benchmarks to measure our performance & ensure best delivery of cleaning services. From the commencement of a contract we initiate & implement a professional tailor-made cleaning program that provides induction training, task identification & periodicals planning. Our managers regularly visit their assigned sites & regular meetings are held with our clients to ensure we stay firmly in tune with their requirements.

We use the following to measure our performance:

  • Quality Audits
  • OH&S Induction & Training
  • HSE Inspections
  • Site Supervisors assessments
  • Client requirements/checklists
  • Monthly Inspections by DPS Senior Management

OH&S & Risk Management

Risk Management is vital in the commercial cleaning industry. Identifying a risk before an injury occurs is essential in the protection of our staff & Clients property alike. DPS identifies these risks using Hazard Checklists & Risk Assessments prior to any work being undertaken by cleaning staff. This method assists in the control of risks.

In addition, monitoring occurs on a daily basis by Supervisory staff & a monthly assessment by the Area Manager.

See more.

Environmental Management

DPS constantly research cleaning products & methods which have less of a detrimental environmental impact. In partnership with our clients & suppliers we have responded to the heightened awareness of environmental issues. We do all we can to make sure that all the materials we use & our methods are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We currently use "low environmental impact" cleaning products & methods on all sites. Cleaning procedures which require minimal water usage & wastage are favoured by DPS. Chemicals used by DPS are not classified as hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia & are biodegradable in all possible circumstances. See more on our methods of minimising environmental impact.

Quality Control

Our Quality Management Procedures are continuously monitored & updated to ensure we are always delivering the highest Quality Service. Our Management Team regularly visit sites & clients. A Senior Manager is always accessible. We employ a Quality Manager who is responsible for the systematic Quality Auditing of all our sites. Audits include cleaning standards, Health & Safety & Training Programs.