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About Us
Assistance to work out your employment goals

Take into consideration such things as:

  • Your skills and abilities
  • Your qualifications
  • You previous experience
  • Your transport requirements
  • Hours of work that will suit your circumstances
  • Your career aspirations

Deciding the steps to be taken to achieve your employment goals

This includes ;

  • Pre-employment training to prepare you to enter the workforce
  • Vocational training to gain the necessary skills and qualifications you may need for the type of work you have chosen
  • Work experience to find out if the type of work you have chosen is right for you
  • Personal development to help you to develop your confidence and other personal qualities needed to succeed as a worker

Practical assistance with job search and placement activities

Such as;

  • Preparing your resume
  • Job matching including cold canvassing and reverse marketing
  • Assistance with applications and interviews

Initial on the job support and training
  • Assist you to learn workplace tasks and routines
  • Support you as you get to know and build relationships with your co-workers and supervisor
  • Ensure that you understand and follow workplace safety instructions
  • Negotiate tasks if necessary
  • Assist you with using public transport

Ongoing support to help you keep your job

Ongoing support to help you keep your job will be provided by a Work Trainerwho will:

  • Maintain regular contact with you and your employer
  • Continue to provide on the job support and training as required
  • Assist you to resolve any issues that may affect your employment
  • Provide regular reports on your progress to your Placement and Training Officer

  • Gradually withdraw support as you gain skills and confidence, and progress towards becoming an independent worker