Dam Yabbies


Victoria Park

68 Manchester Street, Victoria Park WA 6100
About Us

We keep it easy with no contracts or obligations, you have dams with yabbies, we come and harvest them a few times a year, you get paid for next to no work.

Do you have a couple dams full of yabbies that you would like to make a passive income off? Well here at Dam Yabbies, we come to you and trap your dams in a sustainable manner to reduce overcrowding and promote growth and breeding of younger stock yet maximise profits, then sort, grade and transport them to the processors.

The most you have to do is feed them occasionally to promote faster growth and therefore more money in your pocket.

Whether it be for extra cash to help on a dry year or some to splash on your next holiday, our goal is for the long term profitability of the farm, helping our clients diversify, and aid in additional cash flow from infrastructure that once was only used for stock watering.

We can also provide an 'eradication' service where we can heavily trap and net the dam if you no longer wish to stock yabbies.

What We Do

We come to your property, harvest yabbies from your dams, sort, grade and deliver them to the processor and pay you. Meaning you can earn an income off your dams without any additional stress.