About Us

We do wheel bearings service which include removing wheels and hub and while we are there we check brake and suspension. Then we clean old grease out of hub and bearings check the cone and bearing for wear if you need new ones we carry them we then replace and repack with new grease new seal this price starts from $175.00

What We Do
  • Wheel Bearings Service or Replacement
  • Brake Service or Replacement
  • Brake Controllers
  • Suspension Repairs and up Grade
  • Exterior and Interior Repairs
  • Reseal of Hatches and Windows
  • Awnings and Exterior Shelf Installations
  • 12v Wiring and Lighting, Dual Batteries
  • Battery Replacement and up Grade
  • Water Heaters 240v, 12v, Gas
  • Solar Panels and Controller
  • Welding Repairs on Chasses,
  • Steel Fabrication at Workshop
  • Plus Spare Parts from Camec, Domestic and Other Suppliers
  • On Site Engineer Vehicle Modifications
  • Approval Blue Plates