About Us

CSS Computer Finance Pty Ltd, is Australasia's pre-eminent financier of information technology including; hardware, software, maintenance, support, implementation and data conversion ; offering a range of products, to cover the requirements of all commercial clients.

With 25 years of development the company's flagship proprietary product, the Computer Purchase Plan offers profitable tax paying clients, unparalleled benefits in terms of flexibility, cost and the ability for all borrowers, to legally finance software licenses and service contracts.

About Us

In addition to finance for computer systems - hardware, software, and services, even software only transactions, we have expanded our services to encompass communications, printing, medical equipment and other areas where computer technology is involved. We have also developed our own documentation specifically tailored for computer applications.

Our client list is comprehensive and ranges from government (state & federal) statutory authorities, through to companies in the top 500 list, including; major financial institutions, leading accountancy & legal practices, medical services providers, large private and public companies both local and internationally owned, as well as numerous smaller entities.