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About Us

Kogan Creek Power Station is one of Australia's newest and most efficient coal-fired power stations. Commissioned in 2007, the 750 MW power station can generate enough electricity to power up to one million homes. Kogan Creek's design features include: super critical boiler technology; Australia's largest single boiler, turbine and generator unit; and water efficient dry cooling technology.

Providing the fuel for the power station is the neighbouring Kogan Creek Mine, which CS Energy also owns and is operated by Golding Contractors. Kogan Creek Power Station is located near Chinchilla in Queensland's western Darling Downs.

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We abide by strict standards for our air emissions and have low emissions and renewable projects in place that complement our portfolio. We're working to improve our business through our involvement in the low emission Callide Oxyfuel Project and by integrating solar technology into the coal-fired Kogan Creek Power Station through the Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project.

CS Energy reports its carbon emissions to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and its portfolio nitrogen and sulphur oxide emissions to the National Pollutant Inventory.

Electricity Generation

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