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About Us

CS Energy's Callide Power Station provides baseload electricity to the national grid from the heart of Queensland. The coal-fired power station comprises Callide A, B and the Callide Power Plant (Callide C) and has a combined site capacity of 1,630 MW, which is enough to power approximately two million homes.

CS Energy owns Callide A and B power stations and owns Callide C in a joint venture with InterGen. Callide Power Station is located approximately 18 kilometres east of Biloela in Central Queensland.

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Environmental Management System

CS Energy manages the environmental impact of our activities through a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) at each of our power stations, which is certified to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Independent auditors check the system, at least yearly, to ensure it complies with the standard.

Water Management

Water is a precious resource that is vital to generating electricity. The majority of water used at Callide comes from the Gladstone Area Water Board's Awoonga Dam and is piped to the Callide Dam to reduce evaporation. Around 85 per cent of the water used at Callide is evaporated in the cooling towers.

The remainder is recycled and used for dust suppression, ash transport and other process water, and finally evaporated in on-site ponds. The station's environmental and chemistry teams carefully monitor water use and quality, and is evaluating water conservation activities.