Business Summary
The largest and experienced disability service provided based in North Queensland.
About Us

Our Vision "Building a better world with people of all abilities!"

Our Values

1. Valuing all Abilities - We proactively work towards "Building a better world with people of all abilities"

2. Innovation and Creativity - We value and pursue innovative and creative ideas

3. Team Spirit - We build positive and supportive teams through trust, respect and valuing each other

4. Respect - We respect all cultures people and diversity

5. Integrity - We believe in, promote and consistently pursue the highest ethical and professional standards

6. Positive Partnerships - We seek, develop and strengthen partnerships for positive change

Support Us

1. The Opportunity to Give Back

Making a difference in the lives of people living with a disability is the flow on effect from giving back.

2. The feel-good factor

The act of giving, makes you feel good! Giving back to the community rewards you with a deep feeling of satisfaction and contentment!

3. Enhanced Reputation

Companies who support local charities "revel" in an enhanced positive reputation in the community, which builds high morale and loyalty amongst staff

4. Tax Deductions

Financial donations to Cootharinga are tax deductible

What We Do
Services We Offer

Cootharinga continues to have a strong commitment to increasing and improving our services in North Queensland. We strive to work towards improving the assistance our staff provides to the people we support with the opportunity to tailor their support needs to their individual wishes.

At A Glance
Multi-disciplinary Therapy
Skills & Transition Courses
Living in Supported Accommodation
Assistance with Equipment
Assistance with Day to Day Life