Business Summary
Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
About Us

Our name - Compressor Rebuilding Service - describes us: we rebuild, to manufacturers’ specifications and tolerances, semi-hermetic and open drive reciprocating and screw compressors.

We offer our services to the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, and have been involved in many major reciprocating and screw compressor rebuilding projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the service we provide. Only qualified engineering tradesmen are involved in the rebuilding of our compressors.

What We Do

We provide rebuilt air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors to industry. Our compressors are proven by time to be of the highest quality.

We hold a range of high-turnover compressors in stock, rebuilt.

For less common compressors, or for client-specific requests, we provide a fast turnaround for rebuilding services.

In addition to our factory built compressors, we provide a non-site service to clients, which includes:

  • Full rebuilds (where required due to site access restrictions)
  • Top end overhauls
  • Seal replacements