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About Us

Community College Gippsland and ECG College support and promote the democratic principles on which Australian society is based. Our commitment to cultural diversity and respect for individuality means that we are also committed to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association, the values of openness and tolerance and the equality of rights before the law.

We recognise that these freedoms and rights derive from a democratically elected government and a commitment to the rule of law. We aim to integrate these principles into all our programs and services within our organisation.

What We Do

Community College Gippsland provides over 110 courses ranging from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma level courses in Management, HR, Project Management, Business, Financial Services, Horticulture, Arboriculture, Agriculture, Aged Care, Children's Services, Disability Services, Youth Work, Education Support, Hair, Beauty, Retail, IT and Hospitality training.

Community College Gippsland is highly committed to providing opportunities for adults and young people to develop their literacy, numeracy and communication skills and provides intensive supports for people who may have a disability to transition successfully into employment.