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Since 1982 Coils Australia's factories have been supplying custom-built and standard air conditioning and refrigeration heat-exchange components to the largest manufacturers, through to the one-off user. At Coils Australia we know that time in critical, rely on us to deliver the correct coil on time, every time.

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Heat Exchange Features

Aluminium fins are standard for all fin profiles. Copper tubes with aluminium fins offers the best balance between cost and heat transfer capabilities. Extruded fin collars ensure optimum heat transfer by ensuring maximum tube contact and accurate fin spacing.

Aluminium (standard), Pre-Coated Aluminium ('Blue Fin') and Copper material options are available

Corrugated (standard), straight, louvered, sine wave, and lanced sine wave profiles are available. These fin profiles enhance the heat transfer process by increasing the coil surface area and airflow turbulence.

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Each heat exchanger is covered by a twelve-month warranty against faulty workmanship or defects. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to assist our customers to the maximum possible extent. This ensures customer satisfaction from the initial heat exchanger design, through to commissioning and after sales service.

Selection & Performance

All heat exchangers are optimised using a specialised ARI-certified software package. Precise consultation with our customers allows Coils Australia to identify the specific requirements of each heat exchanger. This enables our staff to optimise every heat exchanger in terms of both heat transfer performance and cost.

Coils Australia supplies a complete range of fin and tube heat exchanger coils for air conditioning and process applications both locally and internationally.

By combining over three decades of manufacturing experience with local experience in air handling units, heat exchangers, and commercial air conditioning units, you can be confident in both our technical and manufacturing experience.

Our range of heat exchangers includes

  • Chilled Water Coils
  • Hot Water Coils
  • Direct Expansion (Evaporator) Coils
  • Condenser Coils
  • Steam Coils
  • Chilled Beam Coils
  • Active Beam Coils
What We Do
Our Products

Coils Australia offers a range of extended surface heat exchange coils to suit all types of applications. With over twelve distinct coil profiles ranging in tube sizes from 5.0mm through to 16mm, coils can be either be uniquely designed to maximize performance at minimal cost or designed as a direct replacement unit without affecting existing client designs.


  • Chilled Water and Hot Water Coils
  • Direct Expansion and Condenser Coils
  • Steam Coils
  • Automotive Coils
  • Fluid Cooler Coils
  • Compressed Air Coolers
  • Heat Recovery Coils
  • Booster Coils