Coastwide Gazebos & Bali Huts

Blackalls Park NSW 2283
Our Bali Huts & Gazebos Add Fun & Value to Your Home & Lifestyle or Business’s Revenues at Ridiculously Low Prices Every Day.
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We also know there are plenty of gazebo and Bali hut suppliers for you to choose from locally, nationally and internationally.

And while all our gazebos and Bali huts have many benefits, such as being made to Australian Standards, the luxury of being able to purchase ours wholesale or retail and that we supply the complete service means we have something else many of our competitors do not.

Many other wholesalers and retailers compete exclusively on price, which means they’re constantly dropping their price, and that also results in them having to drop the quality and service to you.

While price is just as important to us as it is to you, it’s how we think, act and what we do that makes us a leading wholesale and retail gazebo and Bali hut kit supplier in Australia.