Business Summary
Each and every Clobber Australia shoe is born on Australia’s south east coast, where the mountains meet the sea. While so many other leading sheepskin footwear makers claim to be Australian, most are not actually made in Australia. We started hand making sheepskin boots almost 40 years ago in a little cottage nestled at the foot of the mountains, with gum trees swaying nearby. And we’ve been refining our craft ever since. Our studio is now closer to the beach where, as our workrooms are basked in golden sunshine, we’re reminded of the warmth and reassurance that only genuine Australian-made sheepskin footwear brings. At Clobber Australia, we’re true to our genuine roots, choosing to remain a boutique brand of outstanding quality, handcrafted for discerning buyers – not churning out boots mass-produced in impersonal, industrial production lines.
About Us

Sheep Skin & Leather Product Manufacturer

Ugg Boots, Slippers, Gloves, Hats

Leather Belts, Car Seat Covers

Floor Rugs, Cow Hides & Accessories