Business Summary
Mt Gambier, Millicent Penola, Naracoorte Padthaway, Bordertown Portland, Heywood Castleton & Surrounding Districts.
About Us

Business Activity - Solid Waste

We are a leading business in collection, transportation and disposal of solid & commercial waste, including landfill operation & materials recovery facilities. Key operating companies include Transpacific Waste Management, Baxter Group, Twig Group & Cleanaway.

Collection / Waste Transfer

We provide a general waste & recyclables collection service for municipal, commercial & industrial clients, utilising its vast fleet of specialised waste collection vehicles, bins, skips & compaction units. We design, build, own & operate state of the art transfer stations which receive, sort, consolidate & transports residual waste materials to landfill disposal sites.


With a view that all waste is a resource, we place a strong focus on incorporating recovery, recycling & reuse throughout all of its operations. We own & operate a number of Material Recovery Facilities which are used to sort & recover municipal, commercial & industrial recyclables. Transpacific is a major supplier of recycled materials, to local, national & international commodities markets.

Energy Recovery

From waste materials. Such projects include the recovery of landfill gas, which is a gas produced in many landfills as a result of the decomposition of organic waste materials. This landfill gas is captured, cleaned & used to power generators to produce "Green Power."

What We Do

Solid Waste Capabilities

  • Asbestos
  • General Household Waste
  • Medical & Sanitary Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Quarantine Waste
  • Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Dry Industrial Waste
  • Processed Food & Beverage Waste
  • Manufactured Products
  • All Recyclables & Co-mingled Waste

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ADR issuers are typically large corporations with primary listings outside of the US. Any non-US company seeking to raise capital in the US or increase their base of US investor can also issue ADRs.
What is an American Depositary Receipt (ADR)?
An ADR is a negotiable US dollar denominated certificate representing ownership of share(s) in a non-US company. Cleanaway Waste Management Limited ADRs represent Cleanaway Waste Management Limited ordinary shares deposited with the depositary bank, to underlie such certificates and carry the rights attached to them as detailed in the Depositary Agreement. Holders of ADRs receive dividends in US dollars (if applicable) and have the right to vote on shareholder's resolutions (if applicable).
What are the benefits of ADRs to US investors?
US investors may prefer to purchase ADRs rather than ordinary shares in Cleanaway Waste Management Limited’s home market because ADRs trade, clear and settle according to US market conventions. ADRs allow chiefly US investors to diversify into non-US securities, relatively easily.
Notable Achievements
July 2015 - Waste Management Association of Australia Awards
Sep 2016 - Australian Financial Review
Sep 2016 - CGU Benchmark Award
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