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City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Established in 1996, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield is one of the largest metropolitan Councils within South Australia. Extending from the River Torrens to Outer Harbor and covering an area of approximately 97 square kms, the City offers some of the State's finest historical buildings and landmarks, together with a wealth of beautiful parks and excellent cultural and recreational facilities.

With a solid industrial and residential base, Port Adelaide Enfield provides facilities and services to a growing population of over 105,000 residents and over 7000 businesses.

Online Payments

The Council offers the facility to pay your Rates, Dogs Re-registrations and Expiation Notices via this web site with a credit card. Other payments such as Sundry Debtors cannot be paid on-line at this time however payment of all amounts due to the Council can be made by telephoning the Customer Services Team on (08) 8405 6600. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard and VISA.

If you require further information please contact one of our helpful Customer Services Team on (08) 8405 6600 or Email.

Arts and Cultural Development

In the City of Port Adelaide Enfield the Arts are a part of who we are and becoming an even bigger part all the time. We are home to a significant number of artists, galleries, studios, theatres, museums & organisations including Vitalistatistix Theatre Company & Kurruru Youth Performing Arts.

The Parks Centre is home to an Arts and Functions complex that offers a wide range of arts experiences and facilities.

What Council Does for Business

Currently, there are approximately 73,000 businesses in SA and over 7000 of those businesses are located in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

The Council area has a particularly solid manufacturing base, with businesses operating in all areas of manufacturing including wood products, basic metal manufactures, non-metal products and food and beverage products.

The businesses in our City are wide ranging from manufacturing of world class products from pasta to cement, to state of the art wine bottling and storage, to construction of high tech air-warfare destroyer ships.

Economic Development:


Welcome and enjoy the City of Port Adelaide Enfield's wonderful attractions.

Only 20 minutes from the City of Adelaide, discover the charm of historic Port Adelaide, its nearby coastal precincts and beautiful inland parks for yourself ... enjoy your visit!

Must See & Do

  • Port Adelaide Enfield Museum Trail
  • Port Adelaide State Heritage Area
  • Guided Walks
  • Port River dolphins, cruises & kayaking
  • Semaphore Road & Foreshore Attractions
  • Sunday Markets

If you have any queries please contact us on (08) 8405 6560.

What We Do

Port Adelaide Enfield Council is one of the largest Councils in metropolitan Adelaide, with boundaries extending from the River Torrens to Outer Harbor covering a diverse area of 97 square kilometres.

The Council is divided into seven wards that span across 51 suburbs and includes part of four Federal Electorates; Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Makin and Sturt.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is a cultural and historical hub. It is home to some of the State’s finest historical buildings and landmarks, together with a wealth of parks, cultural facilities beaches and recreational areas.

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