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The City of Palmerston is committed to improving the safety of all our citizens.
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The City of Palmerston offices and Council Chambers are located on the first floor of Civic Plaza - corner of Chung Wah Terrace and University Avenue.

The Elected Council consists of the Mayor and six Aldermen including the Deputy Mayor.

Palmerston does not operate under a ward system with each Alderman serving the entire local community, rather than a specific region within the municipality.

Palmerston was originally governed by the Palmerston Development Authority, which later became the Palmerston Town Council, was designated a City in 2000 and became Palmerston City Council and now is known as the City of Palmerston.

When will I receive my rates notice?
Council posts rate notices by 31st August each year to your registered postal address. If you are uncertain that your postal address is correct, please contact us on (08) 8935 9922. If your postal address has changed recently please inform Council about the change in writing. Instructions on how to this can be found here.
When and how do I have to pay my rates and charges?
Payment of rates is either by single instalment by September each year or four approximately equal amounts in the months of September, November, January and March. For current financial years dates please refer to main page.
How does a Pensioner rate rebate work?
City of Palmerston receives a listing from Pensioner & Carers Concession Services of all the ratepayers eligible for concession at the time of levying the rates. The rebate is deducted from the rate notice. If a pensioner becomes eligible part way through the rating year they must pay the rates in full to Council and then contact Pension and Carers Concession Scheme to obtain a refund.
Can I find out the owner of a property that adjoins mine?
On confirming details of your own property we are able to give you the name and postal address to contact the owner of the adjoining property.
How can I get a copy of my rates notice?
Please contact council on (08) 8935 9922 or to confirm your mailing address and ownership details. Once all details have been confirmed you are able to request a copy of your Rate Notice.
Can I pay or connect my power, water and sewerage at City of Palmerston?
You will need to contact Power & Water direct on 1800 245 090 or visit one of their offices to arrange for any connection or to pay your bill
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