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About Us

Charter Mercantile is a Global Outsourcing Company specialising in debt management.

Charter Mercantile commenced its operations in 1986.

We continue to deliver high performance and quality to our clients in the banking, finance, government, commercial, public utilities and telecommunication sectors.

Our philosophy is simply we provide high quality solutions through the integration of leading edge technology, highly skilled and motivated staff and proven work flow practices.

As one of the most reputable independent mercantile companies, we can guarantee ways to achieve greater efficiencies through the implementation of world’s best practice for your organisation.

Why choose Charter Mercantile...

In 2004 Charter Mercantile established a BPO facility in Kochi, India that facilitates and onshore / off shore business model that will deliver your organisation improved outcomes in terms of results, quality and compliance.

Charter Mercantile will work with you and your customers to achieve increased performance and quality.

Company Profile

Charter Mercantile along with the Charter Mercantile group of companies has continued to enjoy solid growth since its directors Steve Kiely and Simon Hunnisett established the group in 1986.

Charter Mercantile remains a privately owned global outsourcing company specialising in debt management.

Today Charter Mercantile partners some of the world’s largest companies in their endeavour to maximise opportunity and become more cost efficient.

Our unique and proven onshore / offshore collections model differentiates us from our competitors and delivers consistently higher liquidation rates.

Call Calibration Services

Charter has a dedicated quality management call monitoring team that can work with you on a strictly confidential basis to establish your required benchmarks when your staffs are communicating with your customers. Calls are manually measured and outcomes reported to you via our electronic measurement system that benchmarks outcomes.

Traditionally, to deliver this service at your desired level costs would prove prohibitive. Now with this service offering you can engage call calibration at whatever levels desired.

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