12 Hyland Road, Faulconbridge NSW 2776

Business Summary
A personalised plan to have the decluttered and organised home you have always wanted. A patient, hands-on service with a green view and a sense of humour.
About Us

Here at Chaos to Control we offer a few different services to help you keep your house clean & De cluttered the services include:

  • De Clutter and Organise- Working methodically through each item,into areas where like items are together until a decision has been made for it's outcome.
  • Cleaning- If the client is unable to clean the room as we progress, I will provide Eco-friendly supplies for me to perform the task.
  • Restyle- After organising and decluttering,using client's remaining belongings and/or new purchases, restyling the room to maximize the visual appeal and practical usage.
  • Disposal- Dispose of unwanted items, by arranging a skip bin(to be paid for by the client)arranging for items to be picked up by a charity or other organisations.

Call Sharon today to see what we can do to help you.