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The School Council has been the governing body since 1931, with responsibility for the overall management of our school vested in the Principal, Rev. Andrew, P. Syme & Mr. Syme is just the ninth head of Caulfield Grammar School.

The Principal leads the School Executive, which takes responsibility for the operations of the school, with responsibility for the day-to-day operations of each campus vested in the Heads of Campus.

One of the great benefits of a multi-campus school is the ability to draw on the rich variety of people and resources from each of our five campuses.

What We Do
  • Modelling learning and a passion for learning
  • Having high expectations and challenging students with significant issues
  • Providing quality feedback to enhance further learning
  • Catering for a diversity of interests and abilities
  • Making connections between learning experiences and with the real world
  • Teaching children how to learn and how to reflect on their own learning
Will my child benefit most from coeducational or single sex schooling?
Caulfield Grammar believes educating girls and boys together gives them an appreciation of each other as individuals - regardless of gender - recognising the qualities each person has and learning to value each other’s viewpoints.
Will my child’s individual talents and skills be nurtured and catered for?
At Caulfield Grammar, each student is recognised as an individual with talents and abilities to be nurtured. With specialist teachers and coaches well versed in the latest approaches to teaching and learning.
Will my daughter or son have access to a sufficient range of learning programs and facilities?
Caulfield Grammar is a leader in innovative learning programs and our five campuses are equipped with outstanding facilities. Students have access to excellent theatre, science, music and sporting facilities and our specialist teachers inspire learning in all areas of the curriculum.
How will my child’s learning differences be addressed by the school?
Caulfield Grammar School acknowledges and appreciates the needs of each student. The school offers a variety of programs to develop each individual’s potential, which include a pastoral care system, careers counselling, the Internationalism Program, education outdoors, and a personal development program.
Will my child be well equipped to live and work in a competitive international labour force?
The Internationalism Program promotes personal independence through active learning in changed surroundings.
How do I know when my child is ready to start at Caulfield?
Our specialist staff can assist you to decide if your child is ready to join Caulfield Grammar School. Please contact us (or our Registrar directly), to arrange a time to discuss the individual needs of your child.
How will the academic needs of my child be met to enhance their employment prospects?
We encourage students to undertake a wide range of subjects so that their options for study and work beyond school are kept open. An extensive range of VCE units is offered from Year 10 which enables students to tailor a course of study to suit their interests, needs and preferred destinations. Students enjoy more flexibility, more specialist teachers and more career support to help them excel.
Will my daughter or son be taught life skills?
The broad range of learning opportunities at Caulfield emphasises our commitment to developing the whole self, so that girls and boys can be active members of their community. Being able to interact confidently in a range of life situations is achieved through exposure to challenging, academic, sporting, artistic, cultural and social settings.
Does my child need a laptop computer or digital device?
The School provides appropriate desktop computer technology to our learning spaces but it does require students from Years 5 to 12 to supply their own mobile digital devices: from Years 5 to Year 10 students are required to provide their own iPad; from Years 11 to 12 students are required to supply their own digital device to suit their learning requirements.