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What to do if you find a snake in your home, workplace or garden.

1. Don't Panic! and definitely do not try to kill or catch the snake.
A snake will not make a deliberate motion towards you unless provoked. It is against the law to kill snakes in the ACT & 95% of snake bites occur when people attempt to kill or catch snakes.

2. Walk away from the snake slowly but keep a sharp eye on the snake.
When you see a snake remember it has most likely seen you too. In the majority of cases snakes will try to hide in nearby cover so keep an eye on it.

3. Keep your family, friends and pets safely away from it.
The more interaction the snake has the more intimidated and defensive it will become. No snake left alone is dangerous.

4. If the snake is inside the house or workplace, keep a constant watch until your snake catcher arrives.
If this is not possible close the door of the room it is in and place a towel (damp is best) under the door to prevent it from exiting.

5. Call 0421 281 439 for Canberra Snake Catcher to remove the reptile - fees may apply.

First Aid For Snake Bites

1. Do not wash bite site or attempt to suck or cut!

2. Rest and reassure casualty.

3. Bandage firmly! to stop/slow lymphatic spread of venom.
Cover bite site then work from fingers/toes and cover the whole limb firmly, being careful not to go to tight as to cut off the blood flow to the limb, as tight as you would a sprained ankle is ideal!

4. Mark on top of bandage where the bite is so that the doctor knows where to open to get swab for venom I.D kit.
Under no circumstances attempt to remove the bandage until in medical staffs hands.

5. Immobilise limb.

6. Call 000 or 112 on mobiles.